Good News/Bad News


Good news – Found out that I have been awarded a small travel grant which means I can go and visit my subject’s birthplace for 3 days 🙂

I now need to contact the local librarian to arrange access to the paper held locally. Trip planned for end of April 2014.

The bad news is that I heard on the Radio that there was a fire in the National Archives at Kew, London, UK. Don’t know yet how much damage has been done or how long Kew will be closed . It is another place I need to visit.

Discovered I need to get permission from the donor to access one set of documents held at Cambridge library – another bit of bureaucracy and time constraint.

Still need to apply for larger funds for the longer trip which I would like to do in October/November because the weather would be suitable then. Found that it is quite difficult to get funds for non-fiction research if it is not part of a PhD. Doing a biography excludes you from Arts Council funding in the UK, and also some funds are only available for previously published authors.