Research trip


Very interesting trip to subject’s birthplace. Found out that he was only there two years and then the family moved to somewhere else. Some parts of the area have changed very little in the last 180 years. Now need a trip to the next place they lived!

It was amazing to see an original Register of births from 1840s and the census from 1851. The local archive didn’t yield as much information as I and hoped but the local library was more successful. The local museum had a story of the place gallery which gave me an insight to how it would have looked when the subject was there.


Memory, memorial and historical distance -An interesting perspective


I attended a very informative lecture at the RGS this week. It was about the albums of Naval Surgeon J Litton Palmer, who was travelling in the 19th Century. The lecturer made some interesting comments regarding memory, memorial and historical perspective with reference to recording information contemporaneously, recording it after the event and the use we make of that information now. which made me think differently about how I might approach my biography in terms of creating my critical distance, and and how I should use my subjects own writings


Welcome 2014


Hope you all enjoyed the Christmas break and are looking forward to a productive year of writing in 2014 🙂

Its is my plan (yes really!) to get a first draft of my Biography completed by the end of 2014. Ambitious it maybe, but without a goal the openendedness would allow me to procrastinate even more than I do anyway. So there you have it – a public declaration of my goal and you can all ask me if I have achieved it next Christmas!

The first weekend of 2014 I am away for a “Riting retreat”. Yes, you read that correctly – a group of fellow writers and I are sequestering ourselves in the Norfolk countryside in order to concentrate on writing without the usual distractions of friends family and work (we do love them really)

My goal for this weekend is to plot out my subject’s travels – they were conducted extensively over 57 years so I really need a map and table of dates and places and events.

Happy New Year to you all