Maps and more!


Successful visit to the RGS on Monday. Was able to handle hand drawn maps of my subject’s journeys done in 1880’s – amazing. I am able to get copies too (for a price) so it will save me a lot of time not having to do them myself. An added bonus was seeing letters written by my subject and discovering that his personal journals were brought back to the RGS with a view to being published in the Proceedings of the RGS – but this didn’t actually happen. However, the journals are not filed under subject’s name so will have to do more searching to see where they might be.


Mapping travel


I have started mapping my subject’s travels – but it is going to take longer than I thought. One reason is that I have had difficulty getting large scale maps (in English) of the country predominantly travelled in. It is large and most currently available maps cover the whole country on one map which makes it difficult to plot accurately, in addition to the changes in the way places were named in 1860 and now. I am hoping the Royal Geographical Society may be able to help me out.